To pay the school fees for a poor child...

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You can invest in an Ethiopian child's education and help a poor rural family by paying the school fees to enable their son or daughter to attend Empress Mentewab School.

Annual school fees are 6,000 birr per child (£200, 260 euros, US$300).

There are four ways to pay school fees:

(1) PayPal
(2) SWIFT International Bank Transfer
(3) Link Ethiopia
(4) Money Transfer Company

Please do not send a cheque as it is unlikely that the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia would accept it.

(1) Paypal

Kate is looking into setting up a 'Payment by Paypal' option on this website. Meanwhile, it is possible to make a payment for school fees using this PayPal ID:

After receiving your payment, Kate will transfer it to Empress Mentewab School's account in Debark along with other funds.

(2) SWIFT International Bank Transfer

This method is fast and secure. It is also very convenient for Kate. Please use the following bank details:

Bank: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Address: International Banking Division, PO Box 255, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Branch: Debark
Account Number: 1000029946624
Account Name: Empress Mentewab School
IBAN: none

(Note that the old account number 805C23000095 will still work, but it is better to use the new account number given above.)

(3) Link Ethiopia

If you are a UK resident and/or UK tax payer, you may prefer to pay school fees through the UK-registered charity called Link Ethiopia which helps schools in Ethiopia. Not only will you be spared bank charges, but Link Ethiopia will reclaim Gift Aid where this is applicable. The tax reclaimed will go towards Link Ethiopia's overheads (including covering bank charges incurred when transferring funds to Ethiopia), not to Empress Mentewab School. Link Ethiopia regularly sends funds to its Gondar office and school fees for Empress Mentewab School will be forwarded from there to the school's bank account in Debark. The Link Ethiopia website has full details about the ways in which donations and school fees can be made. When you pay school fees via Link Ethiopia, please make it clear that the payment is for Empress Mentewab School.

(4) Money Transfer Company

The following money transfer companies work with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia:

Western Union
Birritu Express
Alante Financial Services (Aryas Micro Finance)
Xpress Money

The recipient's name should be stated as: Catherine Fereday Eshete.

Please use the CONTACT KATE section to let Kate know that you are sending the school fees, and whether you prefer to help a boy or a girl.

Kate will tell you the name of the child whose school fees you have paid and send you his or her photograph and background information.

In July you will receive a copy of the pupil's school report, a school newsletter and a photograph of the assisted child.