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Olive Tree at Sunset to be e-published

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Further to my blog post in June 2012 about my short story, Olive Tree at Sunset, I’m pleased to report that my 3,000-word story has been accepted by Ether Books and will be available to download “within the next two weeks”, in time for Christmas.

To download and read the story, you will first need Ether App, which is available on Ether’s website.

To recap:

OLIVE TREE AT SUNSET (Short Story, Literary Fiction)

A man is on the run after escaping from prison in Lalibela in the northern Ethiopian Highlands. They say he committed a gruesome murder. With the militia in pursuit, he seeks refuge in an old woman's hut.

"A man appeared on the footpath from the south. He was running, not the way the old woman ran at monkeys stealing her maize crop, waving her hands and shrieking and throwing stones, but like a donkey fleeing a pack of hyenas."

Each time a reader downloads Olive Tree at Sunset, I receive a tiny payment (just pence), which will be chocolate treats money for my children who are very fond of Minstrels, Smarties, Toblerone and such like, none of which are available in the Ethiopian Highlands.

If you enjoy reading Olive Tree at Sunset, please let your friends and family know about it.

I wrote the first draft of Olive Tree at Sunset in 2010 and greatly improved it this year as a result of fellow writers’ reviews on the YouWriteOn website. For some time Olive Tree at Sunset was at Number 1 in the YouWriteOn charts, which is why I decided to take the next step and e-publish it.

According to Jack London, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Fortunately, the inspiration for writing Olive Tree at Sunset came effortlessly, as a result of my meeting, years ago, two armed militiamen near Lalibela who were in pursuit of an escaped prisoner; and I have a beautiful, tall olive tree growing in my garden. Indeed, inspiration is not a problem for me (I have masses of material), but finding the time to write is, which is why, if I can find a sponsor, I want to go on an annual writing retreat. See INITIATIVES.

For your information, here is an extract from Ether’s website, which explains the service they provide:

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