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I'm a Squidoo Lensmaster!

During and just after the rainy season (when the Ethiopian Internet was running quite well), I wrote six articles, which were e-published on the American website, Squidoo.

On Squidoo, articles are called "lenses" because the writer of each lens, the "lensmaster", focuses on a particular topic and gives his or her view of the subject.

My Home in the Ethiopian Highlands
Judy Poodle of Ethiopia
13 Months of Sunshine
Five Creative Activities for Young Children
Reading My House in Umbria in my house in Ethiopia
Finlay J Macdonald Autobiography read in a mud hut in Ethiopia

Take a look!

Unfortunately, after I'd written the articles, the Ethiopian Internet began running so slowly that I wasn't able to update them (the connection continually dropped). However, I hope that the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation will eventually sort out the problem, and I'll be able to continue to work on these articles in future.