Postcard from Ethiopia

Here Kate explains about her offer to send postcards from Ethiopia.

Living in such a remote place, I cannot buy good postcards locally. So I have my best photographs of Ethiopia professionally printed as postcards in England and sent to me in Ethiopia.

There are postcard collectors who appreciate these cards. Therefore, I'm offering to send anyone in the world one or more of my postcards (written and with beautiful Ethiopian stamps) if they first make a Paypal payment to me to cover the cost of printing, postage and administration, and then contact me to let me know their address.

The minimum payment per postcard is £4 (that's 6 euros or US$7) but please pay more if you are happy to do so. Having additional funds will enable me to arrange for different postcards to be printed.

My Paypal account is:

Sorry, I cannot accept other payment methods or do postcard swaps for these cards.

To begin with I'll send out only the postcard featured here. It shows Chennek at an altitude of 3,600 metres in the Simien Mountains National Park (UNESCO), 30 km east of my home village. In future, when funds allow, I'll be able to offer a selection of high-quality postcards of Ethiopia.