Your Travel Guide in Ethiopia

Kate is available for hire as a travel guide for visitors to Ethiopia. Here she explains about the service she offers.
Kate on the Great Northern Escarpment of the Simien Mountains (view north-east)
Kate on the Great Northern Escarpment of the Simien Mountains (view north-east)

Mountainous views, exotic wildlife, huggable trees, organically-grown food, the night sky in all its majesty, and thirteen months of sunshine. That’s why I live in Ethiopia.

* Are you an individual, couple, family or small group planning a trip to Ethiopia?

* Are you interested in having a memorable experience of Ethiopia with value added by a knowledgeable local expert?

* Is this your first visit to Ethiopia and would you like a local guide to smooth the way and accompany you to the main tourist sites and/or off the beaten track?

* Do you want to meet ordinary Ethiopians without having to fend off hustlers?

If so, let me share with you my beautiful adopted homeland.

I am available for hire as a travel companion and personal guide. Whatever type of holiday you seek – whether adventurous highland or lowland trekking, chauffeur-driven motor tour, or travelling by air or bus between tourist sites – I offer a personal service matched to your needs. You can gain unusual insights into life in Ethiopia listening to accounts of my travels and experiences in Ethiopia. You can also benefit from my extensive knowledge of Ethiopian culture, history, geology, flora and fauna.

For twenty years I have been with Ethiopians who live in inner-city slums and in isolated farms, and with the animals around them, domestic and wild. I married an Ethiopian highlander twelve years ago. An adventurer and long-distance walker, I have explored remote areas of Ethiopia where no white person has ever been.

The arrangement is very simple. You cover my travel, accommodation and meals expenses, and, in addition, pay me a daily fee for my services. (Note that I live four hours’ walk from the town of Debark, close to the Simien Mountains, so my travel costs will include my return journey to Gonder, Bahir Dar, Addis Ababa or wherever, to join you.)

All your holiday travel arrangements, tailored to your interests, should be made by yourself and your chosen tour organiser – there are many available (see Ethiopian Embassy websites or search on the Internet).

If you wish, I can meet you off your plane and stay with you for the duration of your holiday, right up to seeing you off at the airport at the end of your trip. Alternatively, you can book me for as little as one day in Debark or Gonder, or wherever else you would like to meet me.

To discuss your holiday plans and my daily fee, please contact me. I look forward to making your acquaintance.